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The following information details the pricing structure for design, construction or renovations.

Design Fee Schedule

PHASE ONE - Initial Consultation – Design Plan

Design Fee – $2,000 Fee for Initial Consultation, Plan Development, and Presentation (non-refundable)

Minimum Purchase - $50,000 for one area or floor of a home or $100,000 for an entire home. A deposit of $25,000 is due on the day of presentation.

PHASE TWO – Ordering, Production & Installation

Once the design plan has been approved, the cost of fabrics and furnishings is due. The initial $25,000 down received in Phase one will be applied to this cost. The remaining approved contract balance is due prior to delivery- no later than two weeks before installation date.

Hourly Fee Schedule

  • Principals: $150.00/hour
  • Designers: $85/hour
  • Project Manager: $55/hour
  • Construction Manager: $110.00/hour
  • Architectural/design concept drawings: $95/hour
  • Out-of-town expense (if applicable)

Construction / Renovation Fee Schedule

PHASE ONE – Construction — Finishes & the Interior Design Plan

Design Fee – $4,000 design fee. This is for the initial consultation, design plan, interior selection, and presentation.

Retainer Fee – $5,000 Retainer. This fee will be applied to hours incurred during first meeting.

Minimum Purchase Requirement – Construction: The minimum purchase amount is $150,000. A deposit of $25,000 against the minimum purchase amount is due at the Presentation.

Renovation: The minimum purchase amount for a renovation is $50,000. A deposit of $12,500 against the minimum purchase amount is due at the Presentation.

PHASE TWO — Ordering, Production, and Installation

Upon client approval of 50% of contract price is due. Fabrics and furnishings are due in full. The 25% acquired in phase one will be credited to this amount. Any unused amount of the $5,000 retainers collected will also be credited toward this amount.

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Latanga Stevens in Tucker, GA on Houzz